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Check out the items featured in our August 2019 CLASSIC box!

Check out Geeky Heathen's honest and appreciated unboxing of our 2019 August Classic Box. Anything catching your eye? Have a gander at the items below!

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Past Boxes

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Sale! Licensed Zelda Notebook

Licensed Zelda Notebook

$17.38 $12.41

Sale! Assassin's Creed 3 Tomahawk - Prop Replica

Assassin’s Axe – Prop Replica

$22.36 $18.63

Sale! Alien Egg Prop Replica

Alien Egg – Prop Replica

$22.36 $18.63

Sale! Intro Deck Lightseekers

Starter Decks – Lightseekers – Storm vs Tech

$22.36 $18.63

Sale! Licensed & Exclusive Spider Gwen Print

Licensed & Exclusive Spider-Gwen Print

$9.93 $7.44