What are the T-Shirt sizes?

What are the T-Shirt sizes?

Below are the T-Shirt sizes available to choose from:

Kids XS (Age 3-4)
Kids S (Age 5-6)
Kids M (Age 7-8)
Kids L (Age 9-11)
Kids XL (Age 12-14)

Unisex S (Chest Size 34/36”)
Unisex M (Chest Size 38/40”)
Unisex L (Chest Size 42/44”)
Unisex XL (Chest Size 46/48”)
Unisex XXL (Chest Size 50/52”)
Unisex 3XL (Chest Size 54/56”)

Ladies S (Size 6/8)
Ladies M (Size 8/10)
Ladies L (Size 12)
Ladies XL (Size 14)
Ladies XXL (Size 16)

Sizes may vary slightly depending on the T-Shirt.

Please note that some t-shirt colours may vary from our monthly brochure due to some colours only being available for certain sizes. If this is the case, we will try to make sure to use a similar colour or an appropriate alternative colour.