Ladies Fitted T-Shirts!


Due to a massive amount of requests, we have made Ladies Fitted T-Shirt available as an option on ALL of our subscriptions on the 21st of April for our MAY box onwards!

Over the last 6 month, we have listened to our customers, and instead of only offering the Unisex Soft Style T-Shirts, we have now added the LADIES SOFT STYLE FITTED T-Shirts as well ranging from size SMALL to XXL. 

For a more detailed size break down, please check out the T-Shirt Size drop down bar on one of our subscriptions at on the 21st of April.

We now offer all of our customers Unisex T-Shirt sizes, Ladies Fitted T-Shirt sizes as well as Children T-Shirt sizes!

If your current subscription is currently on a Unisex size, and you would like to change it to the Ladies Fitted size, please email us at [email protected] and we will make all of the relevant changes! 

As always, we listen to our customers and subscribers and always consider each and every request – if you have an ideas, please email [email protected]!